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Flush Away Fundraiser

Kindersley Composite School came up with a unique way to raise money for cancer and have fun in the community as well.

As part their our annual Think Pink week for cancer research, the students on the Kindersley SLC split up into grade alike teams and competed to see who could raise the most money for cancer research. One of the groups plunged into the activity and has had an extremely successful idea which contributed significantly to the total raised in the past two years.

Last year they picked up an old toilet from the dump, painted it pink, added some bling and started sending it around town to different locations. Community members who found the toilet on their lawn could pay $10 to have the toilet taken away, $20 to send it to the next family, or $30 to purchase “toilet insurance” to ensure the toilet would not appear on their lawn again.

The community really got their behinds into this fundraiser, and it was fun to track its flow on

social media throughout the week. This past year the team expanded their toilet stock, and had three toilets roaming around town “Flushing” out cancer!  This group of students raised over $5,000 of our $8100 total in one week!

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