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November 11 – Canada Week Celebrations

Canada Week Activities

Held the week of Nov 11

Only 4 days are listed as one of the days of the week will be the Nov 11 observance.

All events are run to remind people of the freedom we have and the great country that we all live in.

2 contests run all week

Canadian History Quiz – each day 4 questions are read out over the morning announcements. At the end of the week, participants hand in their answers and prizes are awarded

Canadian Music Quiz –a list of Canadian songs and 3 are played for about 15 seconds each during morning announcements and another 2 are played just before the lunch bell each day. Participants must name the song and the artist – at the end of the week they hand in their answers for prizes.

Day 1

Canada Gear – wear anything red or with CANADA on it or a Maple Leaf

Mac & Cheese Monday – our chef makes a high quality mac & cheese, with a bit of bacon

Day 2

Tim-bit Tuesday – we ordered a few hundred Tim-bits (not one for every person in the school as about 25% will decline to take one) and we place leadership students at strategic entrances to the school and offer free Tim-bits that morning

Our Reach For The Top team takes on all comers in a Canadianna contest – we have a stack of Canadian trivia questions and a set of buzzers. This could also be staff vs. students

Day 3

Maple Cookie Wednesday – our chef uses a Canadian recipe for Maple cookies, which are sold at the cafeteria and the school coffee shop this day.

Canada Flag Day – we copied 800 Canadian flags in colour with a small strip of white at the bottom and then had the leadership class put every name in the school on a flag each. We then put them up around the hallway and people had to find their flag and bring it to a table in the main foyer at lunch for draw prizes.

Poutine People – the chef also makes poutine as part of the lunch offering today

Day 4

Jersey Thursday – we have a staff vs. student floor hockey game in the main gym at lunch today. This is also Hockey Jersey Day for the whole school.

Bannock – our Aboriginal Education class makes bannock for 800 people – free at lunch

Our school coffee shop also handed out free samples of hot chocolate in the morning as students arrived

Al LafontaineHeritage Park Secondary School, Mission, BC


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