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Prom Fashion Show

Have a fashion show about 3 weeks prior to Prom to build up the hype before tickets go on sale. Contact your local formal and dress shops to see if they will donate the necessary clothing for the fashion show. Allow all Juniors or Seniors interested in modelling to submit their names for a drawing to be a model in the show.

The only requirements are that they have a minimum 2.5 g.p.a. and no discipline problems. Use the fashion show as a way to announce your location if it is a surprise. Other things to announce: theme of the prom, theme song, and prom king and queen nominees. The fashion show can be done via a television system or in a gymnasium or auditorium. Get as many local businesses involved with the show as possible. Offer them the opportunity to advertise for the upcoming prom season and a way to show off their product.

This is a fun show and it gets all students excited about prom.

The end result is a great turn out at prom.

Kevin Storey

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