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Self-Care Jar

Instead of looking at Self-Care as an event that happens once a week or so for you, and we share on social media; what if self-care practices became the habits we did for ourselves every day?! Instead of burning ourselves out through the week to get to Sunday to have a bubble bath and refresh, find the things we can do every day so that the bubble bath is just part of your week. This is a great activity to share with your leadership group and beyond.

Creating the Jar

Dig deeper into the topic of Self-Care and facilitate a discussion of what Self-Care means to each individual. This can be led as a group discussion or journal prompts that participants can do individually.

Example Prompt Questions:

  1. What are things that make me happy?

  2. What are positive things in my life?

  3. Is Self-Care something I do every day?

  4. What do I do for Self-Care?

*Facilitator tip: have your own answers ready to share to increase comfortability in the space you are facilitating. Share the importance of Self-Care being an every day thing to do and brainstorm self-care actions individuals can do.

On the slips of paper, have each participant write Self-Care items that they want to try or are already doing and put it in their jar.

Self-Care Brainstorming Ideas

  1. Going outside

  2. Journaling

  3. Meditation

  4. Listening to Music

  5. Exercise

  6. Make Bed

  7. Drinking Water

  8. Saying No to things that don’t align with your values


  1. Jar

  2. Pen

  3. Blank pieces of paper cut into small strips

  4. Journal/Blank Paper to write on

Ash Baer

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