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Spirit Events

• Stuff Those Q-Tips!

This can be used as a spirit assembly game. A student from each grade is selected to participate. How many Q-Tips can they fit in their mouths within the time limit? Make sure you have someone to count. (Have the participants put the Q-Tips in their mouths by 5s or 10s if it is easier). The person who stuffed the most Q-Tips in their mouth is the winner! This game is so much fun; people end up with over a hundred Q-Tips in their mouth and continue to attempt to stuff them in as they fall out!

• Toilet Paper Fashion Designers

A participant from each grade is chosen with a partner. One person wraps toilet paper around their partner. Now there’s a catch: the team has to be creative and make the toilet paper look like an outfit. We did this at youth group, and everyone came up with something unique: a toilet paper dress, toilet paper hat, toilet paper shoes, toilet paper sword, the possibilities are endless once you set your mind on it! Enjoy!

Theresa Drake

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