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Chocolate Disk

Chocolate Disks


You must order your school's personal chocolate mold before (or at the same time) you can order one of these delicious disks. The mold will be a one-time cost of $300.


CSLA has partnered with a quality chocolatier to produce your own personally customized, school spirit gifts. This is a sweet “thank you” gift that people will want to receive again and again.

The disks are made of quality, milk chocolate from a long-time chocolatier in Ontario. They will be custom designed as a bar or a disk with your school logo or crest. They weigh 55 grams and can be used as a “thank you” gift or reward token. If the person receiving the gift doesn’t like chocolate, you can be guaranteed that they know someone who does!

The sample is from Glenview Park S. S. in Cambridge.

(There is a minimum order of 50 disks)

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