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Class of the Day

Just prior to a major marking period or at the end of first or second semester, teachers are invited to nominate a class for their hard work and dedication. Teachers write up a brief blurb on why this class deserves to be Class of the Day. All nominations are placed in a draw, and for the 4 days prior to the end of term class winners are randomly drawn daily. The winning class receives hot chocolate and donut therapy for everyone in the winter term or an ice cream party in June.

After the class winners have been drawn, all the nomination sheets are posted in the main hallway of the school. Staff, students and visitors will read the nominations and learn about all of the great learning that is going on in your school. Also, the winning classes have some necessary donut or ice cream therapy that makes the final days of a semester all the more bearable. This event is a great morale boost for staff and students. Your visitors get to read about how teachers enjoy the students that they work with.

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