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OCT 11-14, 2023

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Are you ready for CSLC-CCLÉ 2023?! We are excited to welcome you and your student leaders to Saint John, New Brunswick for our first in-person CSLC since 2019!


CSLC will look a bit different this year as we make adjustments to suit the needs of both our organizing committee and our member schools across Canada.


Please use this page including our Conference Guide linked here that covers  resources to support you in the registration process, trip approval process and travel planning!

If you have any questions, please reach out to for support with all things CSLC!

Registration for CSLC 2023 opens on. March 9, 2023 at 10am ET for member schools


Non-member school registration will open on March 16th, 2023 at 10am ET


Initial Registration will be 1 advisor and 3 students/school, across approximately 165 schools. Additional delegates will be placed on the waitlist.


Cost to attend CSLC 2023 is $350/delegate, plus the $90 CSLA membership fee for the 2023-2024 school year.


Payment methods include e-transfer/direct deposit, cheque, and credit card. Credit card payments will be subject to a 4% processing fee.


Payments for CSLC 2023 are due on May 15th.

Any unpaid accounts after that time will have their registration cancelled and we will move to the waitlist.


Any cancellations after the payment deadline (May 15th) will be subject to a cancellation fee:

  • Cancellation before June 15th - full refund minus $100/delegate cancelled

  • Cancellation after June 15th - no refund

  • Delegates may be swapped for another individual from the same school or school district

  • Cancellations due to medical reasons after the June 15th deadline will receive a full refund minus $100 administration fee with a doctors note


Travel and Accommodation

There will be no billet accommodations available at CSLC 2023 in Saint John. NB. Due to the current state of schools following heightened periods of the Covid-19 pandemic, it will be the responsibility of the school to arrange and pay for their accommodations at CSLC 2023.


To make this process as simple as possible, CSLC 2023 has secured room blocks at 6 Saint John hotels for our delegates. We have also secured discounts for travel, and a subsidy program funded by the Government of Canada to offset these additional costs. The CSLC 2023 commitee has also lowered the regular registration rate to help support these added expenses.

Click the links below for the Hilton, and Holiday Inn, for hotels booking by phone, mention you are part of the Canadian Student Leadership Conference for group rate

Hilton Saint John  | GROUP CODE:STUD23


Holiday Inn and Suites Saint John

Chateau Saint John | (506) 644-4444


Chipman Hill Suites | (506) 693-1171


Best Western Saint John | (506) 657-9966

A Travel Subsidy Program will be made available post conference through funding from the Government of Canada - Department of Canadian Heritage Youth Forums Program. This year, this funding will also include dollars to offset youth accommodation. The exact amount of subsidy will not be known until after CSLC, but to see a cost estimate here based on travel from the furthest province (British Columbia) please click here. 




In 1983, the students and staff of the Yorkton Regional High School were invited to host the annual provincial leadership conference of 1985. A year later the Premier of Saskatchewan, the Hon. Grant Devine, challenged the Yorkton students to turn the 1985 provincial conference into a national conference. This would be one of Saskatchewan’s contributions to the 1985 International Year of the Youth project.


The students and staff of Yorkton Regional High School accepted the challenge, and the 1985 conference was held on September 18th, 19th, and 20th in Yorkton, SK. Over eight hundred students and student advisors attended this conference which had for its theme “YOUTH OF TODAY – LEADERS OF TOMORROW.” Not only did the people come from all across Canada, but there were also strong delegations from five states south of the border and one delegate from Mexico City. Among the keynote speakers were Mark Scharenbroich, Pamela Wallin, Laurie Skreslet, Jack Donahue and a host of others from within and outside Canada.

The advisors at the Yorkton conference voted unanimously to support the idea of an annual leadership conference across the nation. Provinces and Territories would be invited to host these conferences. Through the interest, effort, and commitment of these advisors, the Canadian Association of Student (Government) Advisors, now known as the Canadian Student Leadership Association, was born.



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