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OCT 6-8, 2022

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Honourable Murray Sinclair

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The Honourable Murray Sinclair is a member of the Peguis First Nation. He is a Fourth Degree Chief of the Midewiwin Society, a traditional healing and spiritual society of the Anishinaabe Nation responsible for protecting the teachings, ceremonies, laws, and history of the Anishinaabe. His Spirit Name is Mizhana Gheezhik (The One Who Speaks of Pictures in the Sky).

He served as Co-Chair of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of Manitoba and as Chief Commissioner of Canada’s Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). As head of the TRC, he participated in hundreds of hearings across Canada, culminating in the TRC’s widely influential report in 2015.

He also oversaw an active multi-million dollar fundraising program to support various TRC events and activities, and to allow survivors to travel to attend TRC events. In 2017 Governor General Julie Payette awarded him and the other TRC Commissioners the Meritorious Service Cross (Civilian) (MSC) for service to Canada for their work on the TRC.

Melanie Sodka

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Melanie’s captivating engagement style connects her attendees into perspective-shifting and thought-provoking experiences. Her energy combined with storytelling abilities, have moved thousands to countless breakthroughs and transformations. As a TEDx speaker and podcaster, Melanie continues to reach worldwide audiences with her message. Melanie is excited to join CSLC to better equipt us all with the resources to understand our capacity and avoid burn-out. 

Harrison Browne


During his three seasons in the NWHL, Harrison was a trailblazer and pioneer for LGBTQ rights. He helped form the first ever transgender policy in professional sports to aid both transmen and transwomen in their participation. He is also the appointed Inclusion Leader for the NWHL advisory board. Through his efforts, Harrison was recognized in 2016 by The Hockey News as one of hockey’s 100 Top People of Power.

Catriona Le May Doan


Catriona aka “The Fastest Woman On Ice”, CBC Broadcaster and Olympic Torch Lighter, 2010 Opening Ceremony, and 2022 Chef de Mission for Team Canada.

Catriona realized her dream of winning an Olympic gold medal, and further realized that remaining at the top was even harder. She will leave her audience with a clear understanding of what it takes to get to the top and stay there in a competitive environment. What does it take to be the best? What does it take to remain the best?


Catriona highlights the role of leadership and the need to continually raise the bar to stay on top and overcome obstacles


Join us online in a virtual and interactive world from October 6- 8, 2022. You will experience all of our favourite parts of CSLC including four keynote speakers, multiple workshop sessions, cultural moments, group energizers, student idea sharing and spirit sessions and the CSLC Advisor Academy. We have a jam packed schedule and can’t wait for you to experience this conference!


CSLC will be mailing your conference to you! The Conference in a Box will be a supplementary kit for your conference experience to make the conference fully hybrid. This kit will include activities to do with students, debrief tools, fun SWAG, and more to elevate your CSLC experience. 


Students will be put into Spirit Groups where they will have the opportunity to connect with student leaders from across Canada to not only make connections but, to work together on tangible ways to improve school culture and climate all while sharing ideas and debriefing keynotes and workshops together! These sessions are facilitated by Spirit Leaders, if you are interested in being a Spirit Leader, please use the application below.


CSLC offers the opportunity to attend workshops under the themes of Community, Media/Digital, Action/Reconciliation, and Wellness. We will be annoucing workshop speakers leading up to the event and are always accepting applications for Workshop presenters.




In 1983, the students and staff of the Yorkton Regional High School were invited to host the annual provincial leadership conference of 1985. A year later the Premier of Saskatchewan, the Hon. Grant Devine, challenged the Yorkton students to turn the 1985 provincial conference into a national conference. This would be one of Saskatchewan’s contributions to the 1985 International Year of the Youth project.


The students and staff of Yorkton Regional High School accepted the challenge, and the 1985 conference was held on September 18th, 19th, and 20th in Yorkton, SK. Over eight hundred students and student advisors attended this conference which had for its theme “YOUTH OF TODAY – LEADERS OF TOMORROW.” Not only did the people come from all across Canada, but there were also strong delegations from five states south of the border and one delegate from Mexico City. Among the keynote speakers were Mark Scharenbroich, Pamela Wallin, Laurie Skreslet, Jack Donahue and a host of others from within and outside Canada.

The advisors at the Yorkton conference voted unanimously to support the idea of an annual leadership conference across the nation. Provinces and Territories would be invited to host these conferences. Through the interest, effort, and commitment of these advisors, the Canadian Association of Student (Government) Advisors, now known as the Canadian Student Leadership Association, was born.





What does my $150 registration fee include?

Your registration fee includes:

- full conference access for the three days of CSLC 2022

- a chance to check out our event space one day earlier 

- Customizable avatar to suit your style. You will use your avatar to navigate around our event space

- a CSLC 2022 Conference in a Box that will be shipped directly to your school

What kind of technology do I need to attend CSLC this year?

For the three days of CSLC (and one day prior to learn more about navigating around campus), you will need access to a computer (PC or Mac) where you can download our Event Campus and a microphone (nothing fancy - your headphones usually have one that works great!) so that you can talk to other CSLC delegates. View the Virbela Guide here.

How can I pay for CSLC 2022? 

We accept multiple forms of payment including school cheque and credit card. If paying by credit card, please note that there will be a processing fee of $5/registration.

What is the schedule of the conference?

You can view the schedule here

There is an extra $90 on my school invoice. What is this? 

To attend CSLC 2022 in October, your school will need to be a current CSLA member. We have added your membership renewal fee directly on to this invoice to save time later.

Is there a deadline to register?

Official registration closes Friday, September 9, 2022 but, if you would like to guarantee a Conference in a Box, you must register before June 24, 2022.

I still have some questions that have not been answered here. Who can I talk to? 

Our team is ready to answer all of your CSLC questions! Please contact Maddie Campbell at for any questions about CSLC and registration.