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CSLA is pleased to offer up to eleven $500.00 annual student awards to exemplary student leaders from across Canada. The aim of these awards is to recognize outstanding achievement and contribution to student leadership in secondary schools and communities across Canada. These awards are the highest recognition CSLA gives to student leaders in Canada.

There will be a Canadian Student Leader Award offered to one deserving student from each province, the territories, and one discretionary award. In the event that there is no eligible applicant from a province or the territories, the CSLA Board of Directors will, at their discretion, award additional discretionary awards as is deemed merited.

Your school must be a CSLA member for this school year for you to apply for these awards.

The CSLA Board of Directors will approve award winners.

Applicants will be evaluated on whether or not they meet the meet the award criteria. Applications will open in February 2023 and are due April 15th, 2023.

Your school must be a CSLA member for this school year for you to apply for these awards.

Application packages can be submitted to the CSLA Award Submission Portal by clicking here

To be eligible for the award, the individual must:
• Be a graduating student in a secondary school in Canada;
• Be in good academic standing (70%+ average over last two years of study);
• Attend a current CSLA member school;
• Have demonstrated a capacity for student leadership by making significant contributions to his/her school and/or community;
• Have provided service throughout his or her secondary school experience;
• Be planning on post-secondary education (see award requirements).

Award winners will be determined based on an evaluation of the following criteria:

  •  Leadership Development

  •  Leadership and service in school

  •  Leadership and service in the community

  •  Responses to Application Questions

  •  Academic standing

Leaders of Distinction Award

Each year, CSLA recognizes its “Leaders of Distinction” from schools across Canada. Leaders of Distinction are advisors (education professionals) who have consistently demonstrated excellence in leadership, and an extraordinary commitment to the development of student leadership in Canada. Leaders of Distinction are announced annually at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. The following list details previous award winners.

To nominate a Leader of Distinction in your province, please download and fill out the form below.

The Barry Sharpe Award

This award was instituted in April of 1995 at the Board of Directors’ meeting held in Toronto. It is to be presented to CSLA advisors who have given outstanding service to the said organization. During the January 1996 Board meeting, it was pointed out that this award must be used “sparingly” because it is intended to be something special.

Barry Sharpe was an activity director at Yorkton Regional High School, and Barry, along with his students and staff, ran the very first Canadian Student Leadership Conference. It was Barry’s vision and efforts that inspired other advisors from across the country to formalize student leadership.

This award is the highest recognition that an advisor can receive in the realm of student leadership and activities. It is given in recognition of exemplary effort and inspiration to a person who has furthered the cause of student leadership and activities in Canada.

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