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Giving Student Voice
to Change

Change Café Logo

Change Café is a morning of collaboration between student and community leaders about the current state of their community including its challenges and opportunities for change. Students will have the opportunity to be heard by the adult “change-makers” in their community and move towards seeing themselves as change-makers.


Founders of major change efforts often say, ‘Well, it all began when some friends and I started talking.’



Why Change Café?

Change Café is built upon the principles of a successful program called World Café and is intended to be a morning of creating the possibility for collaborative dialogue and giving students a voice and support for making positive change happen in their community.


The World Café is built on the assumption that ...

People already have within them the wisdom and creativity to confront even the most difficult challenges; that the answers we need are available to us; and that we are Wiser Together than we are alone.


The power of conversation to be the seed for change is the heart of the World Café model. Change Café is a morning where student change-makers are the heart of the discussion and conversation assisted by adult community members.

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