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Door Holder Project

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​By its very nature, Random Acts of Kindness Day is a non-random event. Bob Kline, advisor from Huron Heights in Kitchener, believes that moments of true kindness can be planned and not random. He believes that when a person does something kind – both the receiver and the giver feel good – so he then posits that if a group of people from a school community perform an organized, simple act of kindness, it ends up looking and feeling amazing for a whole school.

The leadership class at Huron went ahead and planned the “Simply Amazing Door Holder Project” which was designed to run for a full second semester. A Google Sheet was made available for students and staff to sign up to open specific doors for each of the 93 days of the semester. The sign-up sheet had 11 spots in total for each entrance door at the school, but most people signed up for the front doors of the building.

Small prizes were given to anyone or any group that dressed in a theme. Some groups brought portable speakers to give the entrance to the day a personal, musical note. The school’s tech department opened their day with a construction theme.

Students were allowed to sign up for a maximum of 5 days, since one of the goals was to involve non-leadership students and to mix staff with students.

Students and staff commented on how something so simple and kind made their day start off on the right foot. Each day was filled and gladly swung open by the kind staff and students of Huron Heights.

If you want to introduce the door concept to your school, view the WestJet video on YouTube about the story of Josh Yandt – The Doorman.


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