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Dusk to Dawn Activity-a-thon

The idea of using a “thon” to raise funds is anything but new. What may be unique is the number of activities included in this “thon” and that the funds raised directly help the student who participates. Many “thons” focus on one activity for participation. The activity-a-thon is limited only by the number of adult supervisors participating. The more supervisors—the more potential for variety in the activities. With cutbacks being a reality in education across the country, many of our co-curricular programs are in danger of being cancelled if the student participant does not help in the funding of the program. The “user pay” concept is becoming more common. To help students who may not have the means to take part in some activities because they don’t have the money needed, by participating in this fundraising opportunity the student will be able to directly put the funds raised to any team, club or organization in their name. Therefore all involved benefit directly.

Tips for Success

  1. Let club and team staff advisors know early about the activity so they can encourage their students to take part. As well, they may wish to participate as an added incentive for their own students to participate

  2. Have the student council, who will organize the event, phone to get the best deal they can on t-shirts, food etc. Money can be saved in this area.

  3. Control all funds through the student activities office. This ensures accountability. Be sure to get receipts for anything purchased and be sure there is a paper trail for the student who participates showing the money distributed to the appropriate group. Also, be sure to let the staff advisor know how much money the student has collected.

  4. Students must submit all monies. They cannot keep any cash for personal use. All monies must run through the books of student council. This will help to maintain the integrity of the activity.


  1. To provide each student an opportunity to fundraise for a specific club or organization in his or her name.

  2. To allow each student to access those funds for his or her personal use in an activity related to that club or organization.

  3. To generate funds to help student council provide T-shirts, food and equipment to run an activity of this nature.

  4. To create a memorable experience for all those staff and students who participate.


Beginning at 7:00 pm on Friday,  and continuing until 7:00 am on Saturday,  all student participants will begin a variety of activities including the following “Thons”: badminton, basketball, volleyball, games, computer, music, and dance.

At 5 minutes to the hour there will be a break and students will have the choice to move to another station to begin to take part on the hour.


Though we expect no problems with this type of activity, we will seriously address safety and security.

  1. At any given time through the night there will be six staff members on duty.

  2. All doors to the school will be locked at 7:00 pm.

  3. All participants will be given a T-shirt that must be worn indicating that they are a part of the activity.

  4. Once students have checked in at an activity they will be expected to stay until the end of the hour at that activity.


All participants MUST stay in the designated activity areas they have chosen during each hour.

Like with any other school activity alcohol is prohibited.

In accordance with the rules of the activity, smoking is prohibited because students must stay in the school.

No participant will be allowed to leave the school unless accompanied by a parent or guardian and with the permission of the teacher in charge of the event.

All participants MUST have a student card.

Entry Fee

Though we wish our participants to have fun there must be a monetary commitment as well. The first $25.00 of the money pledged to each individual will go to student activities to help subsidize the cost of t-shirts, food, and any rental equipment for the dance.

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