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Future Mustangs Virtual Visits

One way to introduce your incoming grade 9 class is to invite them to tour the school and meet with student leaders. This is a great opportunity for your leaders to tell the new students all about the school and the activities, sports and clubs. However, this is probably not possible this year. Monsignor Doyle in Cambridge decided to take their incoming grade 9 students on a virtual tour. 

Goals: • To make the future Mustangs feel more comfortable and confident about entering high school • To help them to feel welcome in the Doyle Community • To get them acquainted with the layout of the school

Task:  Members of SAC created a “Coming to High School & Course Selection” presentation to share with grade 8 feeder schools. SAC Members would “meet” grade 8 classes on a google meet & share tips, tricks and answer questions about selecting courses for grade 9, uniform/spirit wear, coming to high school and what hybrid learning is like.

The incoming students were asked to fill in a Google form survey to find their interests and the information was made available for the activities to contact the students directly.

Breeann Hureau

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