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Happy Harvest

Charlottetown Rural in PEI has created an event that feeds the needs of their culinary students and the bellies of the school population. Happy Harvest is a wonderfully collaborative event involving the inclusive education, culinary and leadership students.  Using produce grown in our very own Rural gardens (planted and tended by our students), the culinary classes create a lunch to serve our school.  As you can see, they do a fantastic job decorating and invite students to perform some live music while they serve lunch.  Typically the menu would include spaghetti squash with marinara sauce, butternut squash soup, zucchini loaf/cake and carrot/celery sticks followed by apple crisp for dessert.  The apples were picked by our inclusive ed students at a nearby orchard, the only thing not grown in our gardens.

We were afraid COVID would prevent this annual event, but as you can see, we were able to go ahead with slight modifications.  Instead of a full serve meal, students scaled down the luncheon and made sure that everything was grab and go.

Brenda Brydon

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