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Just say “Hello”

Use a different “hello” or “hi” from the cultures represented in your school in your official memos or social media each month. In your school entrance, post “welcome” in the languages that students from your school speak.

  1. August: “Hello” (English)

  2. September: “Buenos días” (Spanish)

  3. October: “Bonjour” (French)

  4. November: “Shalom” (Hebrew)

  5. December: “Kamusta” (Filipino)

  6. January: “Ni Hao” (Mandarin)

  7. February: “Kamusta” (German)

  8. March: “Konnichiwa” (Japanese)

  9. April: “xin chào” (Vietnamese)

  10. May: “Goed dag” (Dutch)

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