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Lasting Valentine Flowers

Love was in the air for Rangitikei College. Mikayla Allison took the opportunity on Valentines to spread some happy cheer amongst her peers at school making over 150 paper roses with a team of friends. She said, “It was something that I could do for Valentine’s Day to lift people’s spirit especially at the beginning of the year.” Students and teachers at the school were able to place their orders and the roses were delivered to happy recipients.

Mikayla chose Starship Hospital as “a friend from primary school was recently admitted with cancer so this was a way of supporting them. It’s also a great thing to keep. People love getting flowers but it’s never fun when they die, so this way with paper flowers it is something to keep for a long time and smile about.”

The fundraiser was not only a success for raising funds for Starship Hospital but was a huge hit with the staff and students at Rangitikei College. Students are already saying, “we hope it happens next year!”

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