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Letters to Seniors

One way to use writing skills in the real world is to have your students write letters or cards to seniors in nursing homes. Seniors are feeling the isolation more than others, so any little bright spot is helpful.

This may be one of the most important things you can do for your community while in your home. Contact local nursing homes and ask for a list  of names. Some may be able to give you a bit of background on each resident and the letters can be personalized. Start a project of writing letters to the elderly and those who are in nursing homes, unable to see their families or loved ones due to the virus.

If you cannot get names for residents at the local care facility, write a letter of hope/inspiration/appreciation to a senior at the home. It doesn’t need to be addressed to anyone specific and can just be general. Feel free to include pictures, quotes, poems, jokes, images etc. Be creative with this – make it meaningful and something the seniors will truly enjoy receiving!

This simple activity can help the elderly feel less isolated and will make their day.

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