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Profits by the Slice

Many groups try to make money by running a huge one-shot fundraiser rather than slowly accumulating their profit over time. The slice method of fundraising is simply putting the pieces together over a length of time to make a whole lot of moolah!!

Clubs and teams have members who can work a regular shift at lunch or a specific day after school. What they must realize is that small fundraisers that make $20 a lunch can make $100 in a week. A popcorn machine can do this during a lunch hour for a group of dedicated volunteers. The cafeteria doesn’t take a drop in profits, because they don’t sell popcorn through the line.

Our Key Club knew that the lunch hour was taken by other groups, so they wondered what they could do after school. They contacted a local pizza place and had 10 large pepperoni pizzas delivered. Tables were set up by the heavy-traffic exit doors of the school, and the pizzas were sold by the slice. A price of $3 gets you a pop and a slice. This did not conflict with the cafeteria sales because they were doing it after school. The Key Club has been slicing up the profits and now makes around $50 each time they do it after school. They have discovered that students want to grab and gulp right as they’re leaving, so the pizza delivery must be there before the last bell rings. Everyone knows that popcorn is sold best by the smell, and students entering a hallway filled with the pizza pheromone can’t resist.

The Key Club members hunt down staff with the couple of slices that are left over after the exit rush is done. They also have discovered that this fundraiser works best only two or three days a week with Monday being the poorest day and Thursday and Friday being the best. Since the club has been doing it on a regular basis, students now know that there is a slice for the ride or walk home. Our Key Club is adding a most important ingredient to their personal club pizza — a mushrooming profit maker.


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