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R.A.S.K. Week

For the duration of one week, students are asked and encouraged to perform Random Acts of Senseless Kindness. This can range from helping a friend, or volunteering to help a teacher.

During the week, Warm Fuzzies are sold (puff balls with feet, googlie eyes) and these are purchased and delivered to homerooms just like candy grams. Cinnamon hearts are put on muffins sold in the cafeteria. A notice board is put up where students announce random acts of kindness that have happened to them.

The major activity is Hug Day. Everyone in the school (staff included) is given a necklace of yarn with a pompom on the end. When you hug somebody, you tie a string from your pompom on his or her necklace, and they tie one to your necklace. At the end of the day, your necklace is full of multi-coloured strings — proof of all the hugs you’ve shared.

Keep the Kindness growing!

From: Southwood Student Council Southwood Secondary School Cambridge, Ontario

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