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Shave for a Cure

This year our class held a fundraising project for the Leukemia Foundation. We asked about 12 male teachers with beards to shave their facial hair off for charity, and asked what price they would like to pay for their beards. The range of beard prices was from about $200 – $900. We put the names and prices of these teacher’s beards on a board outside the refectory, and as soon as we had raised enough money we stuck a picture of scissors next to the teacher’s name. We made announcements at school and posters, and at lunchtime asked for people to donate small change. After two weeks we had raised $800!

On the Friday, the gym was packed, we had music playing, and the teachers sat on chairs, contemplating the shaving…we had MC’s, mirror girls, photographers. It was excellent! After each teacher had been shaven, they quickly took a walk down the mock ‘catwalk’, and the whole school applauded their efforts. It was a great day, raised school spirit and our awareness of Leukemia.

Leanne H

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