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SLCP Meet Ups: FAQ + Sam Demma Interview

By now we hope you have heard about our new program offering for 2020-2021. It’s called the Student Leadership Certification Program. After many years of teaching and training advisors in student leadership and providing them a certification, we finally have a student option!

We know that an in-person delivery model is hard to beat, but Covid-19 is still here, and so here is how we are making the SLCP work for our 21st century leaders:

Is this an online program? Yes.

Is this an asynchronous or synchronous program? Both. Here’s how that works; students enter the program in an online, asynchronous setting where they can work at their own pace through the topics and modules in each level of the SLCP. They can start and stop as they please. On Thursday’s at 7pm ET, we go synchronous with a one-hour live session between course instructors and participants. This is called and SLCP Meet Up. We talk about the program and any questions/concerns, partake in leadership activities, meet other students from across Canada, and hear from guest speakers on what leadership means to them. This week, youth speaker and coach Sam Demma joined the SLCP meet up for a conversation with Maddie and Jake about how to start making change through small consistent actions, keeping yourself accountable, and being able to see the bigger picture.

You can watch/listen to our conversation below.

Check out more on Sam Demma at or by listening to the High Performing Student Podcast.

Join the SLCP today to join in to these great conversations, to build your leadership experience and meet other like-minded students from across Canada! Learn more at

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