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Annual Charity Hockey Game – Blades for Baskets!

At St. Martin Catholic Secondary School, one of our most popular traditions is our annual teachers vs students Charity Hockey Game, known in the building as the “Blades for Baskets” game.  The event is run by our Grade 12 Leadership class as a fundraiser for our Christmas Basket campaign, and it is probably the best-attended school function of the year.  Students can sign up to play in the game for a $5 fee, or they can purchase a $5 ticket to watch the game.  

In the days leading up to the event, we announce the team of teachers that will play in the game, and students vote to select four teachers who will serve as Coaches for the student teams.  The day before the game, we hold a “draft” in the cafeteria at lunch where these coaches select players and show a livestream on social media.    

During the event itself, there are lots of intermission games, raffles and prizes and a pizza lunch is included for each participant/spectator.  The event is a great way to lead into the Christmas season and raise school spirit!

Melanie Silviera

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