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Spy vs. Spy

Spy Vs. Spy (Rules)

  • Spy Vs. Spy is basically a giant game of tag except you're only “hunting” one person. You will be given the name of a person from this school on a clothespin. 

  • Your goal is to pin the clothespin on the back of that person without them noticing. If you are noticed, you are not out, you just have to wait until later to try and get them again - be more sneaky next time.

  • You are only allowed to tag this person on school grounds, before school, during breaks,  lunch and in the hallway & galleria. 

  • Once you have been tagged, you give your clothespin to the person who tagged you and you are out of the game.

  •  If you tag your person before you are tagged, collect your “victim’s” clothespin and find (Insert organising teachers name here)  to tell him/her you have moved on to your new target. You are only allowed to contact (Organising teacher) before school or at lunch in the galleria.

  • You are not allowed to hunt your next person until you have talked to (teacher in charge)!

Erin Klatt

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