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Green Day

Our school colours are green and white, and we wanted to pump it up for a spirit day where everyone would wear green. We played the music of Green Day (the band) in the caf at lunch and between classes as promotion prior to the day. We had comments with the music saying, “What’s this? It’s Green Day! No, it isn’t, Wednesday is Green Day! But this is Green Day!”

The day before, we asked people if we could write on their hands with green permanent marker and we wrote G’s on everyone’s hands. We knew that people would participate, if only they could remember to wear the right thing in the morning.

We arranged with the cafeteria that everyone who wore green on Green Day could buy a hamburg for a loonie. It was a huge success! Over 80% of the school wore green and the cafeteria did the most business that it has ever done even with the discount burgs!

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