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Human Hungry Hippos

Turn a simple kids game into an insane couple minutes of energy and fun. This makes a great pep rally challenge.

Items needed

  1. 1 Skateboard per team

  2. 1 Small-Medium laundry basket per team

  3. Balloons- 1 colour per team

  4. Tape for marking off “Team Box” on the floor in the room

Set up and advance preparation:

  1. Tape off the corners of the gym to make a “box” for each team to stand inside.

  2. Before 3 team members go to their “boxed off” areas, place the laundry basket and skateboard inside their box

  3. In the centre of the gym, scatter the coloured balloons all over.

  4. Divide players into teams of 3 and have them report to their boxes after you have reviewed the rules for play.

Method of Play:

A time limit of 5 minutes is set. The object is to retrieve the greatest number of balloons of your colour and hold them within your box. Balloons that are popped of your team are a minus score. Balloons that are popped of an opposing team are a –5 score.

  1. When it is time for play, the first player lies belly-down on the skateboard with the laundry basket in hand.

  2. They are pushed by a team member and capture one balloon of their team’s colour.

  3. The player in the box holds on to the captured balloons.

  4. Once the player has secured a balloon, the pusher brings them back to the team box where they deliver the balloon. They must deliver the balloon to the box before they can go back out to the floor to capture another balloon. Popped balloons are minus points.


  1. No touching the balloons with your hands until they have been retrieved with the basket and delivered back to the team box.

  2. Only one balloon at a time may be retrieved

  3. Player must remain on skateboard, “belly-on”, when searching for and capturing a balloon.

  4. Basket must be turned upside down, with the open end flat on the floor with the balloon “trapped” inside as the player is pulled/pushed back to the Team Box.

  5. Balloon must be retrieved with the basket

  6. Balloons may be kicked out of your box with feet, but not touched by hands (if balloons from other teams float into your space)

Check out a crazy YouTube version here:

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