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Leap Year Birthdays – Bissextile Day

This unique event only happens once every four years, so your students can’t really say that they’ve done it before. The hook for the event is in the name if you want to market it that way. Your announcement might go like this: “It’s finally bissextile day. Calm down, this story has nothing to do with gender preferences. For the 200,000 of you North Americans out there born on  Feb. 29, the long wait is over. Have a happy birthday.”

On February 29 next year, have a slab of birthday cake brought to your cafeteria at lunch and serve it to everyone who wants to partake. Find someone in your school who actually has a birthday on Feb. 29 and give them some school spirit wear as a present at the party in the cafeteria.

If it isn’t a leap year, you can still make a special day for those students who have no day to call their own.

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