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Power of the Pen

Our leadership class came up with this idea as a way to increase morale in our school. First, you need to get a massive amount of pens (We managed to buy 250 pens for about $36. We got another 200 donated to us.). Next, you need to create a variety of witty motivational sayings which will eventually be cut out and taped onto each individual pen (make sure the saying fits first). Each saying can be used more than once, since creating 450 unique adages is quite a daunting task.

Once this has all been completed, a handful of students can wander around the school giving pens to students they happen to meet. The basic idea is that the pens, being pens, will travel from person to person as they are borrowed and lost. During their travels, these pens will be able to spread the message they carry, effectively increasing spirit.

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