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Quarantine Scavenger Hunt

Online meetings are draining, so take the time to spice them up. Have a Quarantine Scavenger Hunt online.


  1. Host announces the items one-by-one and participants have one minute to find the item. Host will announce start and finish of round.

  2. The device you are using must remain stationary

  3. Come back to the camera and yell “Found IT!” to win points for that round. Each round is worth 5 points.

  4. You can engage a friend, family member or a pet, but only one submission per team.

  5. Items must be tangible. No screen shots.

  6. The same item cannot be used for two different answers.

  7. Keep your own score. Be honest!

Possible Items (you can personalize the list to your audience and subject):

  1. Soap

  2. Something you eat first thing in the morning

  3. A black pen

  4. Hair product

  5. Something with camo

  6. Something that smells amazing

  7. A pair of sunglasses

  8. A business card

  9. Something pink

  10. A book for kids

  11. Something that makes you smile

  12. A flyer from a fast food joint

  13. Expired food

  14. Something hot

  15. Clorox wipes

  16. An unopened piece of mail

  17. A fresh roll of toilet paper

  18. An Amazon box

  19. A logo from your favourite sports team or school

  20. A candle

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