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Teacher Appreciation with Food and Drink

Updated: May 10

There is nothing wrong with a little sugar high to say, “Hi and thank you!” to staff.

Use one of the following food puns to give your staff a little recognition and a punny boost:

Reeces:  Thank you for sharing pieces of your knowledge with us this year.

M&M:  Much & Many thanks for all you do, we really appreciate you! You are Marvellous & Magnificent.

Coffee: We can’t espresso how thankful we are for your support.

Thanks a ‘latte‘ for your kindness.

Tea: You’re tea-riffic, and we are steeped in gratitude.”

Doritos: You are nacho average person; your kindness is cheesy and amazing.

Small treat: You are snack-tacular!

Tacos: Let's taco 'bout how great you are.

Donuts: We Donut know what we would have done without you.

Almonds or Peanuts: We are nuts about your contributions this year.

Mints:  Thank you for your encouragemint, investmint, involvemint and committmint this year.

S’mores:  We need s’more teachers like you.

Smarties:  Thanks for making us smartier.

Mars:  You are out of this world.

Muffins: Muffin compares to the effort you give!

Extra:  Thanks for going the EXTRA mile this year.

Avacados: You guac!

Lemonade: Thank you. You are the ZEST!

Miss Vickies:  Thanks for chipn in and helping out at our event.

Watermelon: You're one in a melon!

Indian Food: You are second to naan!

Cheese: Have a Gouda day!

Milk Shakes: You are Moovelous!


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