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Meet the Maestros

Meet the Maestros is an excellent source of new ideas and connection for advisors. A regular feature in our advisor programming at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC), Meet the Maestros offers a key piece of development for leadership educators across Canada.

CSLA has now created a space for Meet the Maestros  online! Each session will include five ideas from five leadership educators from across Canada, a chance to network with your fellow advisors and share additional opportunities. These programs are free to attend for all educators across Canada.

Upcoming Dates: 

Leadership Advisor Certification Program

The Leadership Advisor Certification Program (LACP) has been developed with a purpose of offering valuable and authentic Professional Development in the area of Student Leadership to members of the Canadian Student Leadership Association. This program consists of FOUR levels, each of which examines and relates to the sections of the “Six Pillars of Student Leadership”. Each level of the program will offer a theory component (workshop), as well as a practical component (required work and reflections). Both components must be completed to achieve certification for each level of the program. The theoretical components for each level are offered at the Canadian Student Leadership Conference each year. An online version is now available for registration.

Leadership Advisor Certification Program

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