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Virtual Spirit Week

Hosting a virtual spirit week can be a great way to positively impact your school culture and community. It offers an avenue for everyone to be involved, and takes an “events for everyone” approach. 

Here are some suggestions on types of “spirit days” to include in your school’s virtual spirit week: 

  1. Wear your mask

  2. Wear your school colours 

  3. Wear a hat 

  4. Funny socks day

  5. Ugly sweater day 

  6. Retro day (pick a decade or multiple!) 

  7. Twin day 

  8. Crazy hair day 

  9. Formal day (get dressed up as if you were going to a formal dance) 

  10. Anti-Stress Day/Wellness Day

  11. Motivate day (have students share motivational messages with one another) 

  12. Ta-Dah Tuesday (be creative and let your inner artist or chef or maker shine)

  13. Sports day (Jersey’s, Dress like an athlete) 

  14. Dress like a teacher day

  15. Dress to Impress Day

  16. Music Day

  17. Meme Day (dress up or share favourite & appropriate memes!) 

  18. Get Active/Workout/Walk Day (enhance it by sharing tips, workout videos, challenges, etc.) 

  19. PJ Day

  20. Tropical/Beach Day 

  21. Furry Friends Day (pose with a favourite stuffed animal or a pet)

  22. Balance Something on Your Head Day (during your Zoom meeting – points given for skill and unique entries)

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