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What IS that sound??

Schools are always looking for ways to spice up their daily announcements, and contests are a great way to get people in your building to carefully listen. Google has killed the traditional trivia contest, so you have to get creative. Our morning announcements on the PA each day run little contests, and this one has captivated our school. We call it Westwood FX, and each day we play an everyday sound and the kids have to email the announcement crew with their guesses and the first to get it right wins the prize. BUT if it isn’t guessed correctly, the prizes keep accumulating each day until someone gets it.

So, for example, we have had a Tape measure being pulled out and then retracted, we had shuffling cards, and we had a lettuce spinner.

I actually heard a group of boys debating over what the most recent sound was! It felt great to have so much spirit from such an easy contest.

Catherine Hogan Westwood Sr. High

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