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Where’s the Spirit Stick?

To successfully captivate our school, district, and our community during an abnormal homecoming week, Sauk Rapids-Rice High School’s student council needed to do some thinking. Traditionally, our council would plan our week around the idea of spirit stick points, your class would receive points based on the percentage of class participation, decorating, etc. This past year we drove around notable places in the Sauk Rapids community, snapping abstract photos of the spirit stick. These images were then put into a Google survey that was pushed out everyday that week on schoology, students would put their name, grade, and where they believed the spirit stick was, if answered correctly, points would be awarded to their class.

Each day, our advisor and members of our executive board would tally these points and add them to class totals and overall this event went perfect! We had plenty of awesome guesses and it was something that distance learners and hybrid students could participate in and ultimately brought our school closer to our community through acknowledgment of iconic places in the Sauk Rapids-Rice community.

This event is easily run with your school mascot or a member of the leadership team.

Trisha Bemboom

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