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Hallowe’en Challenge Games

Putting Pumpkins Create a mini golf challenge with ping pong or real golf balls and decorated pumpkins as the hole.

Frankenstein Perfectly named for the season, Frankenstein challenges players to carry yardsticks that have batteries balanced on either end. The game is so named because you’ll have to walk like Frankenstein’s monster in order to pull it off.

Johnny Applestack Bobbing for apples is not only overdone, but it can be messy — especially if you have participants who wear face paint as part of their costumes. In Johnny Applestack, your contestants will have to stack five apples to create a freestanding tower.

Bite Me The name suggests vampires, but this game actually uses paper bags of different sizes, challenging the players to move them from one place to another using only their teeth. It sounds easy, but you can make the game as difficult as you’d like by changing the sizes of the bags and the height of the podiums they’re picked up from and dropped off at. Various smelly and gross items may make it interesting and challenging to pick up with your teeth.

Hallowe’en Mummy This activity involves wrapping yourself in orange and black streamers. Each participant is given an orange and black streamer roll and they must cover the most of their own body as possible with the streamers. May the best Mummy win!

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