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Rocking the Rock, Cutting moves with Scissors, and Wrapping it all up with Paper

A Rock-Paper-Scissors contest is a great way that everyone can be involved in a simple school activity. This game is simple, but here's a twist to take it school-wide:

  • Every student and staff member is allowed to play. The participants receive a necklace at the beginning of the first day. The contest lasts for 2 school days.

  • You can challenge anyone to a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The loser gives their necklace to the winner. You may not refuse a challenge.

  • Teachers are given special necklaces and may challenge other teachers. A student may challenge a teacher only when the student has acquired 5 necklaces. If a student loses, the teacher gets all of their necklaces.

  • You must throw on "SHOOT" or "GO" not on "SCISSORS".

  • The top 4 winners with the most necklaces (and teacher necklaces are worth 5) receive a gift card to local fast food outlets or Starbucks.

This can be adapted as a fundraiser. Students who lose may purchase a new necklace for $2. Teachers must purchase

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