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Homecoming Games

First of all thank you to all who contributed their ideas. We’re planning on using them in our school. A fun game to play is the scuba game. You get a par of flippers a pair of goggles and a snorkel and make the best football player (or whatever season it is) put them on and run around the gym (a full lap) with it all on. There is normally some pushing and shoving and it looks REALLY funny. In our school there’s also a lot of competition between the girls varsity volleyball team and the football team. At the pep rally we have a v-ball and nerf football game against each other to show the true athletes (v-ball always wins!). One more idea, have a local American Eagle or Maurice’s donate a mannequin and dress him-her up and bring it to the games. It makes for a great mascot.

From: Kieran

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