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Movember is an activity to support the awareness of prostate cancer during the month of November. Men (and women) grow their moustaches to signify their support of this worthy cause. Many schools run contests to encourage the cultivation of this facial growth and then run contests to see who can raise the most money to be the person to shave off that hairy lip!

To raise awareness around the school and the community, over 40 staff and students at Jacob Hespeler SS have committed to growing out their moustaches for the month of November. Jacob Hespeler’s walls are covered with pictures of the participants’ facial hair progress over the month! On November 1st, every student around the building was given a paper moustache to sign. The moustaches were combined to make an enormous “I LOVE MOVEMBER” sign that is posted in a popular hallway. A “Name that Moustache” contest is set for next week where students will get the opportunity to identify a ‘famous’ moustache. Another fundraising event is the Movember cookie sale. Each homeroom is allowed to bake up to five dozen moustache cookies and the cookies will be sold at lunch. All the proceeds go towards prostate cancer. On the first of the month “I Love Movember” shirts went on sale which sold out quickly. A perfect occasion to wear the shirt was on our Movember spirit day! Jacob students had the option of wearing their shirts, and/or their (fake or real) moustaches and/or dressing up as a famous person who rocks a moustache. Near the end of the month there will be containers with pictures of volunteered teachers posted on them. Money will be donated by the students to the teacher’s containers that they desire to shave half of their moustache. On Tuesday November 30th, the teacher with the container that holds the most amount of money in it will have to shave half of their moustache. Their facial hair has to remain the same for an entire day! So far the month of Movember has been a huge success due to the amazing volunteers and supportive Hespeler school community.

Jacob Hespeler SS, Cambridge, ON

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