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School-Wide Puzzle

The leadership class at Maples Collegiate must plan and organize a major event for their final project in the course. The school enrollment now exceeds 1550 students and approximately 180 staff creating a huge disconnected learning community. Not only is the population large, it is extremely diverse with a wide variety of student groups, athletic sports, art & music groups and almost every culture is represented. One group decided to approach this disconnect by creating the “Puzzle of Maples”. We have a teacher advisor program at school that makes a perfect venue for distributing information and creating connections. Each TA group was given a puzzle piece painstakingly cut from paper and made to fit a large puzzle. As well, each grade level was its own colour. Everyone in the TA group, adult and student alike, were to sign their names on the puzzle piece and return it to the students. The office staff, administration, custodians, librarian, and cafeteria staff signed the center piece that also had a large letter “M” in it. We laminated the final puzzle and found a spot in the main office to hang our ‘puzzle’. Several weeks later the puzzle still hangs, and every day someone is seen trying to find their name.

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