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Spirit Week

We decided, near the beginning of the year, to have a spirit week. The activities (by day) were:

Day 1: School colours day – people dressed in our school colours (burgundy and white) and got a tootsie pop for participating.

Day 2: Karaoke – we got a karaoke thing and a guy to help, students would come up and sing along to their fav songs. All but one person sounded 99% like the person who really sang the song!! There was a great turnout. No money.

Day 3: Root beer chugalug – messy but fun. You get people to drink down a full can of root-beer and then run across an obstacle course to their partner, who then had to do the same thing. Prize was given to the team that finished the quickest (disqualified if can not finished)

Day 4: Sumo wrestling – we rented these big suits, that when worn, made the person look really big, and the helmets were like the hair and all, it was really funny, and groups of two friends (or I guess they could have been enemies…) wrestled each other in them. It was safe since the suits were so big it was like a big pillow around the person.

Day 5: wrap up…we had something on the announcements that kind of gave school spirit and wrapped it up. And a few things like that. :o)

From: Allyson

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