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Staff Bitmoji Competition

St. Peter’s Catholic Secondary in Barrie challenged their Staff teams to participate in the Staff Bitmoji Challenge.   The following is their memo to staff:


To get started creating your Bitmoji universe, you need to download the app (available for iPhone and Android) and create your Bitmoji by selecting physical features like hair and eye colour and an outfit. After creating your character, you can cast it in a huge array of activities, such as reading, dancing gleefully, or even eating a sandwich.

Next, download the Google Chrome extension, which allows you to choose a favourite image of your Bitmoji—perhaps your doppelganger washing its hands or saying “hello”—to copy and paste it into whatever format you’d like, such as Google Slides  where you host your virtual classroom.

Bitmoji’s can be used in the classroom for various purposes if you wish to. 

Once you make your Bitmoji character, please add it to the bottom of this shared doc with 2 facts about yourself to try to identify you.  

We will ask you to add 1-2 facts about you and then try to make a Bitmoji Staff Photo ID contest.  

I.e. Can you find 1 of your teachers you have had this year or something – the question will depend on how many staff participate.   Your bitmoji doesn’t have to be boring…. Have it suit your personality / subject area etc…   The 9’s really know only the 6 teachers they’ve had so far sadly. 

The challenge will depend on how many staff participate 🙂 

Information was put into a Google form to have the student body participate in a Who’s Who Challenge.  We had submissions from EA’s custodians, our mental health supports, secretarial staff, admin… everyone played 🙂

Jenn Lemieux

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