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Breakfast with the Principal

Our Student Council endeavors to promote respect and raise school spirit. To accomplish this goal, The EDSS Student Council has developed a new way of recognizing EDSS students who improve their school community. With the gracious support of Administration, Student Council hosts “Breakfast with the Principal.”

Once a week, a small group of students meets our principal or a Vice-Principal for breakfast during period A. Breakfast with the Principal gives positive and spirited students a chance to network with their peers, and it provides an opportunity for Administration to meet the students who make EDSS a positive place to learn and grow.

Student Council wants to recognize a diverse group of students through this initiative. Candidates for this honour may excel at academics, sport or music; they may be active in clubs and activities, volunteer work, or community service. Student Council wishes to recognize students who do not receive recognition for these traditional criteria. Students who demonstrate respect, hard work, and positive attitude are also candidates, as are students who accomplish significant personal achievements, such as raising their average from 50% to 60%, or developing better work habits. Staff are asked to include nominations for the special students who contribute to the school through their positive attitude, willingness to help others, good humour and bright smiles.

All staff are asked to nominate two or three students whom they feel should receive this honour.

Student Council tries to recognize as many students as possible.

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