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Dessert Auction

One night every quarter or semester our school puts on a “talent show” presenting plays they’ve worked on, or musical acts etc. At intermission all the attendants go to a Dessert Auction where they can purchase a dessert item that was donated – cookies, bread, and cinnamon rolls are popular. In addition to desserts, they can also bid on donated items such as artwork, gift baskets, community service from students and staff, gift certificates, tickets to some show, books, and other misc. items. These items are donated by the faculty, parents, students and sometimes even board members. Students even have fun donating items just to see other people bid on them- for example, the art teacher could have his/her students donate an art project to the auction. This raised at least a few thousand dollars every year for our school, and we only have 200 students- so it’s a great fundraiser!!!

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