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Kobras Get Caught Being Kind

Kindersley Composite School SLC started a campaign for the month of February that encouraged students to “Get Caught Being Kind.” Parents, peers, staff and community members have been nominating students who demonstrate Kobra Kindness and we spotlight them in our social media. It’s been great for our student body and community to see all of the big and small ways that our students choose to display kindness. We asked local businesses for prizes, and made draws from all students who were nominated for their kindness. This went over really well, and made a bit of a dark and cold month more bright!

Our student leaders make a conscious effort to display our students in a positive light in our community at all times. We create social media content that aims to spotlight the awesome things our kids do on a regular basis. We are always looking for reasons to do this. During the month of February this year we decided to create a kindness month, rather than just one day like we typically do. From our “Be the I in Kind” banner in our lobby, to our outdoor sign quote, to our indoor calendar theme, to our heart and kindness themed indoor trees, we tried to immerse our school in the theme of kindness. Our SLC recently purchased a Cricut machine, and we spent time making all of our members shirts that said “Being Kind is Cool.” We chose a designated “Kindness Day,” where we wore our shirts and encouraged staff and students to participate in random acts of kindness on that day. We also handed out candy to all students who got their picture taken in front of our kindness banner that day and shared it to their social media, spreading the theme of kindness!

Heidi Marchant

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