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Lunchtime Games

Every Friday, our student’s council has a lunchtime activity. Everyone has come to know these activities as “T.G.I.F’s” (thank god it’s Friday activities). They are all very successful and I do suggest you try some… they are all easy and just take a few minutes to clean up or set up.

– Butter Carving (Buy blocks of cheap margarine and have students make sculptures. Give a prize to the best artist.

– Jell-O eating contest (First one to eat a plate of Jell-O wins a prize.)

– Scavenger Hunt (List of 5 not-so-easy-to-find items. In teams of 2, whoever finds the items first wins.)

– Great Gumball Game (plates of whip cream with hidden gumballs. Students cannot use their hands… first person to find gum and ball and blow a bubble wins.)

– Limbo and Karaoke (Lowest Limbo, and best impersonation.)

From: Mike Bembenek

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