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Teacher of the Month

Updated: Mar 22

We have nomination forms in student activities, and we promote this at least once a week on the morning announcements to remind students. Basically, students can nominate any staff member they feel goes above and beyond the call of duty – whether it be an amazing lesson, a little extra slushy in the glass or countless hours spent after school with a team or club.

Student nominators are asked to provide a short written explanation of why their nominee deserves the recognition, and the explanations are always a joy to read!

We try to recognize those staff members who aren’t always in the spotlight. Our spirit council members review the nominations once a month and often bring names forward to council to assist with the selection process. We then select one teacher, snap their photo and put it in a display case in the lounge area along with a short bio and some quotes from the nomination form. It’s a nice way to recognize staff AND motivate them to stay involved.

from: Greg Todd Bluevale Collegiate

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