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Virtual Brain Break Games

Read my Lips

This is actually an ideal game for a virtual brain-break. The idea is just like it sounds. One person mouths a phrase and the other players have to guess what they said. This game often goes awry when playing in person, but for a virtual group, it’s easy for that person to just mute their screen and say the phrase. Have each person write down their answer rather than say it aloud for the most fun guesses!

What’s in your . . . Room? 

This is a play on the traditional shower game “What’s in your Purse” where you assign a point value to some of the most common to most random items a person can have on them. For a virtual brain-break game, you can ask all of your students to attend from one particular room in their house and call out items for them to find nearby – they cannot leave the room. For example, if the virtual class is taking place in the living room, you can task your students with finding a set of keys for 1 point, a candle for 3 points, and something random such as a pair of tweezers for 5 points.

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