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Human Bowling

For our recent Spirit Week events, one of the lunchtime activities we hosted was called Human Bowling. You have two participants per class/homeroom. One of them acts as the bowling ball, the other as the bowler. The bowling ball person is strapped face down with bungee ties to a skateboard while wearing some type of helmet. At the other end of the gym, you place a number of plastic bowling pins (5 or 10 pin bowling, its your choice!)

The bowler pushes his/her partner towards the pins until they are about 5 feet away. Then he/she must release and allow the “ball” to go on his own. The winner is the class who hits the most pins.

Note: To be safe, be sure that there is a “catcher” behind the pins to catch the “balls”. Our students thought this was the greatest and it was a great start to Spirit Week.

Monique van Dop

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