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Most Fortunate Cookies

The students at Tanenbaum CHAT in Toronto decided to create fortunate futures for their staff and students. They ordered up some fortune cookies with fortunes that were specific to their school. These had to be ordered specially, but they generated much more positive response than a regular fortune cookie. This event lightened the stress of our present COVID world, and put a smile on people’s masked faces.

They used a company in the US (there HAS to be one closer who does the same thing!) but they delivered and the quality/cost were good. But of course we paid a big fee for shipping. Ended up being about $500 Canadian for 1500 fortune cookies. We gave them 25 different fortunes and they appeared – at random – in the cookies. The cookies were distributed to staff and students.

Josh Sable

Contact info for the cookies:

Sensational Sweets/Creative Cookie, etc. 355 Sweets Lane Lewisburg, PA 17837 570 524-4361 Fax: 570-524-5360

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