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Prom King and Queen – Spoof

At Centennial High School, we do not have a homecoming prom king and queen, so we decided to make our own version of a Coyote Prom for everyone. During our spirit week, we set up an archway with lighting, ribbons, and balloons and let students take pictures as our king and queen for a dollar per picture. We bought crowns from our local dollar store, and made our own sashes. We had set up our own sound system and played ‘cheesy’ Celine Dion music in the background. We brought in a portable picture printer, and printed the pictures at the event.

Unfortunately it took too much time to print them, and we had a backlog of people waiting for their pictures. Our advice would be to give students their pictures the next day. The event was very successful, and students had a lot of fun during this day!

from: Andrea Lee, Alyssa Bolt, Paul Harvey, Karis Isaak, Tyler Schwarz, Amelie Blanchette Centennial High School Calgary, AB

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