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Salad Spirit Week

During Salad Spirit Week, each dress-up day was named for a salad dressing. Monday = Ranch Day, so people wore cowboy/western clothes; Tuesday = Thousand Islands, so people wore beach/tropical attire; Wednesday = Caesar, so people wore togas (in accordance with school dress code, of course); Thursday = blue cheese day, so people wore all blue; Friday = Salad day, so people wore green, which is one of our school colours. In addition to dressing up each day, lunchtime activities ranged from salad bowling (use a head of lettuce as a bowling ball and cucumber halves as pins) to salad toss (a blindfolded person had to throw salad fixings backwards as their partner tried to catch them with a salad bowl). Prizes included salads and salad bar gift certificates from a local restaurant. The students had fun with the activities, and teachers and students alike appreciated the creativity of the salad-themed week.

K. McPhail

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